Integrated Women Development

Integrated Women Development

For rural women to fulfill dreams of a future where they are independent and self-sufficient

Take a closer look, and there is no mistaking that Katchumani wears something out of the norm: self-confidence. Katchumani leads a group of women in Sempatti village in Dindigul district. Under the mentorship of SSH, the group meets every week to save together small amounts of money and to equip themselves with practical knowledge about staying healthy, legal issues, livelihood skills and income-generating activities, and stewardship. 

SSH believes investing in women strengthens families and communities. Our Integrated Women Development Programme develops the leadership skills of women, nurtures the avenues to involve in income-generating activity, champions the rights of women and ensures equality and justice to women.

Our initiatives to empower the women have resulted in a collective power to raise their voice over oppression, engage in livelihood opportunities to be self-sufficient and equally share responsibilities in running their families.  Now, most of the women have begun assuming a central role in financially supporting their families.

We have integrated the SHGS at cluster and block levels under the Federation structure. Each of them separately organises meetings once every three months and share experiences and review performances. They exhibit a unified synergy through participating in mass campaigns, advocating and lobbying for the right of women.  With 120 SHGs linked with the local banks, the women have availed subsidised loans for developing small businesses.

The activism of the Federation would spread fast and reach more numbers in the coming years through constant internalising the development process at the grassroots and at the apex level called Bharathi Women  Federation  (BWF).   There are nearly 2300 women members in  BWF who are actively participating in all advocacy and campaign programmes.