Healing wounds and mind

Healing wounds and mind

“I went to school in a dirty uniform, without a bath. Foul smell emerged from my blisters. Everyone avoided me and mocked at my physical condition,” wept Prahanth when the SSH team met him during there community visit to his village. 

“He rarely slept in the night, he had unbearable pain of the blisters,” his mother explained. Prahanth is from a vulnerable family.  

SSH provided him with financial support, nutritional food, healthcare package and ensured Prashanth regularly goes to ART (Antiretroviral) Centres and ICTCs (Integrated Counselling and Testing Centres).

“I wear a clean uniform; take a bath daily, and my blisters have healed. I cannot count the number of friends now. I am doing good in my studies and so thankful to SSH for their support. I see a great future ahead,” beams a joyful Prahanth.