Adolescent Health & Education Programme

Adolescent Health & Education Programme

Nurturing the budding future generation

“I have finally decided to pursue my higher studies in marketing because of the confidence I had in myself,” declares the strong-willed Savitha.

Hailing from a poor and orthodox family where women take a back seat, Savitha turned a new leaf after joining our Adolescent Health and Education Programme. Savita is one among many young girls who are aspiring to do what they like and moulding to be healthy and confident. 

Adolescents who constitute 22% of the population have unique needs for health, well-being, and safety. Recognising that youth experience dramatic physical, cognitive, and social changes at their stage of development is an important aspect. For some, neglect from parents economic hardships, and exploitation may contribute to dangerous living conditions and poor health outcomes, including acquiring HIV or experiencing unintended pregnancies.

Through   this  programme,  SSH focuses on three significant issues:

  •  Reproductive health needs
  •  Nutritional  status improvement   
  • Prevention of early marriage and childbearing. 
  • Periodically organises campaigns and medical camps and trains the adolescents on a balanced diet, health and hygiene, physical and psychological changes, female and male reproductive systems, menstruation, contraception, and responsible sexual behaviour.  
  • Provides opportunities for a close relationship with their parents by improving their communication.