Community Based Rehabilitation – CBR

Community Based Rehabilitation – CBR

Facilitating the community lead a healthy life.

When 40-year-old Selvi from Indira Colony attended a cancer screening camp, she never imagined she’d soon be fighting cancer. In Selvi’s small village, people discussed health only when emergencies surfaced. Cancer was never a topic, especially for women, because it brought embarrassment.

Selvi is one of the 83 women who attended our cancer screening camp in 2019 to learn the early signs of breast and uterus cancer. “The doctor’s tips matched to the symptoms I experienced. My worry intensified. I rushed to the Govt. Hospital.  A few tests confirmed what she already suspected: cysts in her uterus. But Selvi is a fighter. “I am under treatment and I want to win this battle. Thank you SSH for creating awareness and finally saving my life,” says a grateful Selvi.

CBR helps community members such as Selvi to learn and prevent illness to lead a healthy life. CBR takes a four step model to ensure the community overcome health implications, help children continue their studies, enhance the living condition of People and Children Living with HI/AIDS (PLHAs & CLHAs) and guide the community in getting governmental support.

  • Creates awareness and educates the community on prevention measures of HIV/AID and other diseases
  • Provides rehabilitation, educational materials 
  • Strengthens the activities of Community Based Organisations
  • Reinforces the community to fight against discrimination
  • Links the groups and individuals to banks and government schemes
  • Builds the skills of women to involve in income generation activities 
  • Enriches the knowledge of communities of their rights
  • Conducts family enrichment programmes to motivate parents

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Our impact so far

Educational support – bags full of opportunities for children

Small loans – help her weave a brighter future

Jothi is cheerful and peppy. Help children such as Jothi and communities have nutritious meals to boost their immunity to fight infectious diseases.

This programme was sponsored by Andheri Hilfe e.v, Germany.