Enriching lives

Enriching lives

We helped Malathi to create a kitchen garden, where she can grow vegetables and fruits so that her children can have healthy food. She also received financial support to breed and rear livestock. Women such as Malathi, when they engage in this small activity, they are empowered to contribute towards the substance of their families. “I have grown my business and can send my children to school, feed my family and save a lot for any emergency.”

Parvathy’s grocery shop is a hub of activity in Ayyampalayam village. “You name it and you will get them at Parvathy’s shop,” is what the women in the small village often say.

For someone not having any experience that working as an agricultural worker and with the failure of monsoon for the last years, her future looked bleak. Her husband’s income as an agricultural labourer too was pitiful. When SSH staff suggested she opens a small shop with their support, Parvathy knew that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

“Today, I earn around Rs.1000 per month and am confident of enhancing sales. Thanks to SSH for the positive change in my life,” endorses Parvathy.