Flowers bring happiness

Flowers bring happiness

Maruthambal’s small store at the Dindigul bus stand attracts many customers. Those going to temples that are far or women wanting to adorn the flowers on their hair. Whatever the reason, her business thrives.

When her husband became addicted to alcohol, Maruthambal’s only concern was the future of her three daughters. She did not want her daughters to experience the same fate of hers. “I felt responsible for my family and wanted to steer them through these troubled waters. 

A colourful future

“When the team of SSH approached me and counselled, I knew that my future is going to be brighter. Encouraging me to join their self-help group, they helped me start a small business. With a loan of Rs.6,000 I began to sell flowers at Dindigul bus stand. I get a profit of Rs.200 a month. My three daughters continue to go to school, there’s food on the table and most of all – peace at home. 

Today, Marhuthambal’s busy days are taken up with buying flowers from the field, making garlands and, taking care of her family. Her strong work ethic is the driving force behind her transformation into a prosperous entrepreneur, with the help of microcredit loans. 

“It feels good and brings me peace of mind,” said Maruthambal. Pointing her flower outlet with pride, say says, “I had nothing. But now I run a small business.”