Indhu’s infectious smile

Indhu’s infectious smile

Infectious smile, inseparable Gingu–the goat and incredible energy is what you see in the 11-year old Indhu. Indhu is the definition of bliss. 

Understandably so. Back in 2011, Indhu’s family left their village Kamalapuram in Dindigul district powerless to bear the discrimination from the community. “We lived in deplorable conditions without the much-needed medications to fight HIV/AIDS. Indu missed school for a year,” wept her mother. 

When SSH team met the family, they were in critical need of healthcare, nutritious meals and other essential commodities.

“From 2011, I have continued to receive educational material, healthcare and nutritional packages. With the support of SSH, I am on regular medications and feel ‘bright-eyed and bushy-tailed’. Besides, SSH’s gift of two goats to my family has multiplied to 23 goats worth Rs.70,000,” recalls the excited Indhu.

Emerged as a champion against all odds, Indhu is back in school, honing her skills to master accountancy.